World class healthcare is available through the two largest healthcare systems in the northland, Essentia Health and St. Luke's Hospital.

Duluth’s medical district encompasses a six-block area in downtown Duluth connected by an extensive skywalk system. Situated on the shores of Lake Superior, waiting rooms and patient rooms offer sweeping views of the big lake.


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Duluth’s aviation hub is on the rise. Our international airport has daily flights on three major airlines with opportunities to build your HQ with easy access to the runway. We’re proud to be home to Cirrus Aircraft, developer of the world’s first personal jet with a parachute, and AAR Corp. who keeps their global customers in the air. Additionally, Monaco Air and area aviation partners contribute to this flourishing sector in Duluth and bring in new exciting opportunities.


Duluth has the infrastructure, training programs, and the skilled workforce the aviation industry needs to succeed.


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It’s easy for tech companies be sustainable and successful in Duluth. With average high temps in the summer at 74 degrees Fahrenheit and average water temperature of 40 degrees Fahrenheit, keeping equipment cool is both easy on the environment and your bottom line.

Duluth had more millionaires per capita in the U.S. during the late 1800’s and our historic architecture still boasts the ornate stone and plaster work of the gilded age. Surround yourself in 100-year old brick, massive timbers, and unique architecture in your next tech location. Duluth is home to some nationally recognized companies such as AimClear, Sansio, ARI, Saturn Systems, CW Technology and Citon Computer.   


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Manufacturing is a thriving industry in Duluth. Our skilled workers make everything from house products to personal jets. Yup, that’s right. Cirrus, the innovative manufacturer of the Vision Jet, is headquartered in Duluth. Other growing manufacturing companies based in Duluth include AAR, Altec, ME Global, Ikonics, Duluth Pack and Loll Designs. And we have many more international companies housed in Duluth.

Duluth is accessible by air, water, rail and interstate highways to supply chains and international markets. Diverse transportation options make Duluth ideal for manufacturing companies to impact economic prosperity and job growth.


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Duluth is a full-service city for your business. With four class-1 rails, international shipping, its immediate connection to I-35 and only a two-hour distance from Minneapolis/St. Paul, your goods will have no problem getting to where they need to go.

No matter what you need to transport and where, Duluth is your hub to get your goods to their destination.


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  1. Top-ranked North American port according to the Railway Industrial Clearance Association.
  2. Connected via a high-capacity rail network that spans the continent 
  3. Internationally connected via the Great Lakes St. Lawrence Seaway System
  4. Duluth international airport makes Duluth globally connected by air
  5. Two hours north of Minneapolis/St. Paul via I-35